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UPDATED: March 17, 2024

North Louisiana’s only Scale Model Competition hosted by the local IPMS Chapter, Red River Modelers (RRM).

The RRM are proud to announce their 2024 annual plastic scale model contest:  RiverCon XIV on March 15, 2025.

Our theme this year is “Call of the Wild.”  Any model with an animal name; Aircraft: F2A Buffalo, C-2 Greyhound; Armor: German Tigers, Panthers; Figures:  sorry no demon thingies; Ships: Sea Wolf, HMS Seal, USS Dolphin; Auto: Jaguar, Hellcat, Mustang, Impala; Sci-Fy: Klingon Bird of Prey, Colonial Raptor; Miscellaneous: T-Rex, Spinosaurus

Yes, painted on or has a decal of an animal on it

Yes, insects count too

Although we are open to the public, we are expecting contestants from around our IPMS Region 6: Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and of course Louisiana! 

RiverCon has eight major categories for aircraft, armor, autos, ships, figures, science & Sci-Fi, dioramas, and miscellaneous. 

We even have a category for young modelers under 18 years old.

RRM also offers a Grand Master’s Category and Award.  A special category for any model that has won the “Best of Class” award at any level whether local, regional National, or other modeling contest venue.  “Best of Class” meaning Best Aircraft, Best Auto, Best of Show, etc.

Of those eight major categories we have 75 sub-categories to cover everything a modeler may build

And if we don’t have category for your entry, we’ll make one!  We have over 20 splits last year.

Here are some details about the event – RiverCon XIV – 2025:

First, we are located at LSUS University Center.  We’ve partnered with the LSUS campus in Shreveport to use their student union building for our show.

Schedule of Events:

  • 7:30 am: Center opens for Vendor Setup
  • 9 am: Show/Contest open to the public
  • 10 am: Raffles begins
  • 11:00 am: Pre-Judges Meeting
  • 11:55 am: Judges Meeting
  • 12 pm: Contest Registration ends
  • ASAP: Judging
  • 3:30 pm: Award Ceremony
  • NLT 5 pm: End of Show

Admission & Entry Fees:

Adult Modelers – basic entry fee $10; models 1-5 are $2 each; model 6 and more $1 each.

Young Modelers (6-17) – $5 for entry of first model and $1 for each additional entry.

General Admission – $5 for all non-entrants, children 12 and under will be admitted free. Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Girl Scouts are free if wearing their uniform.


Besides our theme award for “Call of the Wild”, we have

“The President’s Award” will go the Best Model (as chosen by the RRM Club President)

“Wings of the Mighty Eighth: Harold “Buck” Rigg Memorial Award” is anything related to the 8th Air Force from WWII to present and covering all aircraft to missiles.

“Bud Lindemann Trophy” under revision.

“Keep on Trucking” is car theme sponsored by Broadmoor Nails & Spa  All Big Rigs that keep America going – the Life Line of Our Country (all types, all scales, all eras). 

“Patton’s Mug” for any US Army or US made tank regardless of whose markings are on them, all sizes/all eras, except dioramas.

“People’s Choice Award” voted on by you…

“Best of Class Trophies” – For each category and Best of Show plus the David Quick Memorial for Best Young Modeler

We also have our unique Challenge Coins for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Awards.


Let’s talk about raffles for a moment.

We offer a $5 raffle item for some of the main categories: aircraft, auto, military vehicles, ships, figures, and sci-fi.  These items are newly release kits that most modelers are drooling over and want to add to their stash.

Also, we break down the $1 raffle into four categories: aircraft, auto, armor, miscellaneous. That way you can place your tickets into a shoebox/coffee can for that category you most want.

Drawings will either be every half-hour or hour with the $5 Raffle drawing will take place during the awards ceremony.

So make the journey on March 15, 2025 to the LSUS University Center and win some awards!


Check out our RiverCon Facebook Page and gives us a like!

Visit our Facebook Contest Page for more info!


Or visit on Facebook Competition Page of images too…



Our Sponsors

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